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Vegan makeup: The basics


This is a little list of some of my favourite vegan must haves and just some basic things that will help you if you’re newly vegan and need all new makeup!

There are actually a few companies who offer “starter kits” But the majority of them are mineral makeups, so if your preference doesn’t go that way (I can’t live without liquid foundation) then they may not be helpful to you! 
But here are some good vegan starter kits I’ve found:
Beneficial Minerals Co FRESH START
The All Natural Face 
Pink Quartz Minerals Starter Kit 
If you like Mineral foundations/eyeshadows Etsy is great! 


ELF Flawless Finish Foundation 
Stila One-Step Foundation 
Manic Panic Dream tone 
Beauty Without Cruelty Ultimate Natural Liquid Foundation
For Powder Foundations I absolutely LOVE Manic panic Supernatural pressed powder and ELFs Mineral Foundation

ELF Mineral Infused Face Primer - I’ve tried many face primer, this one is really good and cheap!

Beauty Without cruelty 
ELF Studio concealer


Beauty Without Cruelty 
Manic Panic
Blinc Mascara 
ELF mascaras (so many ohhh)

ELF whether it’s liquid, pencil or cream eyeliner you’re after elf has you covered :p
Stila Stay all day Waterproof Liquid eyeliner - MY HOLY GRAIL EYELINER!

Elf palettes May not be the best of the best, but damn it’s amazing and cheap!

Eye Primer:
The All Natural Face 
Lime Crime Eyeshadow helper 

The all natural face 
But really, I just use an angled eyebrow brush and some eyeshadow+water for my brows! 

False Eyelashes:
Manic Panic


ELF Matte Lipcolour - love it, best lipstick ever and only $3
OCC lip tar (okay it’s a tar, but shh)
Beauty without cruelty Natural infusion Lipstick 
Manic Panic Lipstick 

Beauty without cruelty lip defining pencil 
Manic panic 


Elf Studio 

Basically, I would really recommend ELF for all your essentials, you can get it all from one store!
I will update this list regularly too! Stay tuned :)

Why are people so against veganism?


I don’t get why people would take time out of their day specifically to attack veganism. Stuff like that “products made from cows” diagram are a prime example. Someone has spent a considerable amount of time making that, just to attack veganism. If I don’t like something (unless it’s something that legitimately needs addressing, such as racism, sexism, or homophobia), I just ignore it, I don’t go out of my way to attack it.

Yes, I get it, meat is tasty. I used to LOVE the taste of meat. But I can’t, in good conscience, eat something which is the very incarnation of cruelty to animals.

Yes, I know some vegans can be preachy. So can people from every group. Including meat eaters. For every vegan who’s told you that “meat is murder”, every vegan has experienced at least ten omnivores asking us where we get our protein, asking how we can’t love bacon, and telling us that animals are there for us to eat.

I’m not asking you to all necessarily go vegan, I’m just asking you to stop attacking vegans. Most of us aren’t preachy, most of aren’t unhealthy. In fact, most of us are pretty normal.

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